About The Artist

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Peggy Ludington

Trained as a lawyer, presently a lemon farmer, award-winning artist Peggy Ludington returned to painting in 2010 after a 35-year hiatus. Her vibrantly colored work reveals her deep connection with animals and nature.

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, she demonstrated early artistic talent. Under her mother’s guidance, she grew up drawing, coloring, crafting, and painting. She also excelled academically. When it came time for college, her lawyer father suggested that art might not be as much fun if she had to earn a living at it. Peggy chose to major in marine biology. Then, a semester abroad immersed in the art and architecture of Europe steered her back to art. But her dream hit the rocks with a professor’s off-hand comment – “You can’t draw.”

She went on to graduate from UCLA Law School, practiced law for 16 years, got married, raised two sons, wrote two manuscripts, and bought a lemon farm. Still, she yearned to paint. Forging ahead, she enrolled in a strip mall art school to learn to how to draw . . . she hoped.

Two months later, she joined a landscape painting class taught by Carolyn Counnas, who guided her in using the vivid palette that came instinctively. Since then, she’s studied with nationally-acclaimed artists, Timothy Horn, Sarah J. Webber, Quang Ho, Lynn Gertenbach, Mitchell Albala, and Vadim Zanginian. Drawn to wildlife art, Peggy now paints animals almost exclusively.

A strong sense of light and shadow dominates her work. However, her vibrant colors are her trademark. A deep understanding of value makes this possible. She begins each painting using the “wipe out” method—toning the canvas with a mid-value wash, then wiping out the lights and adding in the darks. “It’s more like sculpting, than painting.” The result is a monochromatic map for her expressive color work.

Capturing the personality of the animals is her forte. She sees beyond the fur and wet noses and illuminates the spirit. “I paint from my heart. Watching my work touch someone is my greatest reward.”

Peggy lives in the countryside of Ventura County with her beloved husband Alan, their Goldendoodle Scooby, a pride of four shelter cats, and 3,500 lemon trees.